April 22-23, 2021, Obninsk, Russian Federation

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Dear colleagues!

We kindly invite You to take part in the International Research and Practice Conference

RADIOECOLOGICAL CONSEQUENCES OF RADIATION ACCIDENTS: to the 35th anniversary of the Chernobyl accident

The aim of the conference is to analyze and generalize the radiological consequences of large-scale radiation accidents and nuclear tests for natural and agricultural ecosystems, develop strategies for the remediation of contaminated areas and their transition to normal life conditions, as well as improve emergency response systems.

Conference languages - Russian, English.


  • Radioecological consequences of radiation accidents and nuclear tests
  • Radioecological monitoring and assessment of doses of radiation exposure to the public living in radioactively contaminated areas
  • Information and digital technologies in radioecology
  • Elimination of the consequences of radiation accidents and nuclear tests
  • Chernobyl lessons


  • Oral presentation (in presence).
  • Oral presentation (online)
  • Poster presentation
  • Publication of the contribution (not in presence)
  • Participation as an observer


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